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CMP Road Sweeping

No matter what the requirement CMP have the Road Sweeping solution. The following is a breakdown of our Road Sweeping machines and their applications.

Johnston C200 Sweeper

Built for simplicity, performance and operator comfort, our Johnston C200 sweepers gives unbelievable power and productivity in a small, maneuverable machine.
Small dimensions and a short wheelbase allow excellent maneuverability around street furniture, parked cars and other obstacles giving maximum productivity and clearance efficiency.

CMP Planing Lorry

Johnston VT650 Sweeper

CMP Planing Lorry

Built for reliability and durability our Johnston VT 650 sweepers are designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding municipal and contractor applications. Ideally suited to heavier duty work sites such as road planing and dirt pick up around construction sites and access roads. Our VT650 sweepers also come fully equipped with wanderhose (gully sucker), powascrub (wide sweep brush), supawash (power hose) and simultaneous sweeping

Machine Functions:

Wanderhose: Rigid turntable-mounted hose with a flexible extension enables cleaning over a wide 3.35m radius. Boom mounted with 280deg of rotary movement, it provides access around car parks, over fences and into drains for emptying to a depth of 2mtrs.

Supawash: A high pressure water system for fast cleaning of road furniture and the machine itself via a hose and hand lance. Water can also be diverted to a front mounted full width spray bar or suction nozzle bars to help remove stubborn road debris. The spray bar and the sweepgear can be used together for high performance cleaning, particularly around building sites or on road laying operations. Powascrub: This wide sweep brush ground pressure device enables the extra scarification of compacted debris.

Simultaneous Sweeping: This option allows dual sweep machines to deploy both channel brushes and nozzles simultaneously, to achieve a maximum width of 3.6m.