CMP Road Planing

CMP Jet Washing

CMP Jet WasherWhilst our road sweepers are sufficient in majority of cases, for thorough cleaning between surfacing layers the only route to achieving the desired result is high pressure water jetting in advance of sweeping.

This activity is catered for by an in house development that sees a standard tanker converted as the ideal host vehicle for such a unit. Based on a Daf 75 4 x 2 truck, the 13,000 litre tanker is linked to a front mounted spray bar that accommodates a row of 14 jets, through which water is dispersed over the road surface at pressures as high as 3000psi.

With it’s impressive capacity, the tanker facilitates high pressure cleaning of a vast area as the rate of flow sees 15 litres per minute dispensed through each jet. In addition to these capabilities, our jet washer can perform cleaning operations on vertical surfaces through a unique side-mounted spray bar.